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Waverley Council

22nd September 2016
Label has had the pleasure of working with the Waverley Council on a few projects very close to home! It all started with the Blue Bondi Green project. 'When I read about a plastic bag free Bondi, I just had to get involved' (Daynor). Since volunteering some free design for the very worthwhile cause, the relationship has grown to encompass more and more projects for the Council.
Blog post: Design

HCB Solar

22nd September 2016
Label created a fresh visual identity and website design for HCB solar, partnering with local development agency Nimbler Digital to implement the website. View the live website at:
Blog post: Design

ISI Website Design

22nd September 2016
ISI came to Label needing a new website. Label worked with ISI to not only create a new website, but create a vibrant content hub to optimise their search rankings and position themselves as a leading voice in their highly technical mainframe services industry. Label updated the ISI visual identity and along with designing and developing the website, worked on several printed marketing materials and created an introductory video that can be seen on the home page. View the live site here:
Blog post: Design

Darra Joinery

22nd September 2016
Darra Joinery specalise in high quality craftsmanship, and their website needed to reflect this. Label re-branded Darra Joiney with a new logo and visual identity bringing them in line with the sleek, contemporary work they were creating. Label also designed and developed their website and various print and promotional collateral, bringing the brand to life. View the live website at
Blog post: Graphic Design

Find the perfect graphic designer for your small business

11th September 2015
If only there was a tinder to connect designer and client. There’s thousands of designers, and thousands of design jobs that need doing, so how do you go about finding the perfect graphic designer for your small business?
Here’s some ideas to get you started on the path to the perfect fit.
5 things to ask yourself, 5 places to begin the search and 5 things to ask the shortlist. Before you begin, arm yourself with a bit of knowledge about your own style of working and what you are looking for. Things to ask yourself:
1. What is my budget
Doing a new brand, visual identity, logo design or website is a bit like putting in a new kitchen. You need someone to guide you but there are many options along the way that can make a big difference to the overall cost. Have an...
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