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We’ve been busy with the gorgeous team at luk beautifood working on their visual identity and brand collateral. 100% natural, toxin-free makeup made from food – what a genuinely nourishing project in so many ways. New website, new packaging, new everything! Check out some of the latest at

Coming soon – the man who trained wolverine can now train you. Label is undertaking the mammoth task of designing the new membership site for LIFE. It started with a logo, but it never ends there! Brand, visual id, website, meal plans, merchandise, you name it, we’ve designed it.

Luk Beautifood have revolutionised our world. Who knew that makeup contained so many toxins? Not us. We had the privlidge of working on their latest Instagram campaign bringing info about this very issue to their audience, and are currently working with them on a range of exciting new projects. Watch this space!!!

Toby’s Estate

Our all-time-favourite client to have early morning meetings with! Label were lucky enough to be involved with the Toby’s Estate team, in conjuction with Freehand Marketing, to design the Australian and Singapore websites, and several pieces of printed collateral. Check out the live site and get your coffee fix at


“You’re at the corner of Man Up Road and Pussy Street, which way are you going?” – Michele Bridges.

In 2013/14 Label worked closely with 12WBT to take their existing visual communications to the next level. Over 50 projects have been undertaken – group events, banner advertising, landing pages, newsletters, magazines, bus advertising – you name it, we’ve done it!

Some of these shots were taken at the 12WBT Group Workout – over one thousand people working out together, led by one of the best trainers in the country,a sight to be seen. Always dedicated to my clients, I participated (of course!) – my legs were not happy with me the next day, but luckily my mouse clicking finger still functions fine :)